Kyrra Gaddis

Legal Assistant

Kyrra Gaddis has been Mr. Milne’s legal assistant since 2005 and assists in the practice areas of tax law, business law, probate, guardianship, elder law, estate planning and family law.  She’s been a  legal assistant for 12 years and has worked with other area attorneys who practice general and criminal defense law.  In her free time, Kyrra loves to either camp or to boat on one of the numerous lakes in area or to “hang out” in the backyard with the family eating anything that can be cooked on an outdoor grill.  Kyrra has three children with uncommon names.  Her oldest daughter  Lainey,  attends Tyler Junior College and finally moved back home because the use of the washing machine was free.  Her middle son, Skyelar attends Whitehouse High School and tries his best to avoid doing any math.  The arrival of Zachariah, her three year old,  provided a very pleasant and unexpected addition to her family.

Kyrra also spends her time in ways that really matter.   For example, when Kyrra disappears from work and home, as she often does, it is rumored that she gleefully toils away at some secret government installation, solving complex differential equations and programming super computers.  She says that she just likes to shop alone for days at a time and is not a member of a conscripted team of non-paid citizen experts, tasked with the challenge of solving global warming.  We don’t believe her.


Leadership is a two way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one’s superiors; care for one’s crew.
— Grace Murray Hopper

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